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Dancing Thunderstorm Cell On The Horizon Wall art

Star trails and blue sky above this thunderstorm cell lit up with lightning dancing on the horizon putting on a nice show. This is a three minute exposure done by stacking eight, thirty second exposure images in a row and stacking them to keep the noise level very low. […]

Lightning Thunderstorm the BIG and the Small

Very large close lightning bolts striking in the sky with a lightning bolt that appears to be smaller but mighty in the distance of the agriculture farming fields of east Boulder County Colorado. July 15th, 2014 10:53 pm – ISO 500 – f5.6 – 30 sec – 16mm – Canon 6D Full Frame. […]

Country Stormy Night

Spring season thunderstorm lightning striking in the late night as this country red barn on this farm North East of Longmont Colorado, in Weld County, south of the town of Meade. It was a great night of watching mother nature put on a fantastic show. great start to the storm season! […]

Lightning Tree Silhouette 38

Wild Colorado Weather, lightning striking with a tree silhouette and blue sky, taken on July 13th, 2011 in Boulder County, Colorado. […]