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Fresh Raw Cabbage Food Art Prints

Fresh Raw Cabbage Artwork

Decorative Cabbage Vegetable Art Print

Close up of  raw fresh vegetable garden cabbage.  Food wall art for your home, kitchen or restaurant.

Fresh Vegetable Garden Cabbage Art Prints


Fresh Vegetable Garden Cabbage Art Print

Fresh cabbage heads generally range from 1 to 9 lbs, and can be the color green, purple or white.  Cabbage is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Black Cabbage Art Print

black cabbage framed art print

Black and white photography has long been one of my favorite art to create.  Love how this came out with the lines , tones and curves.   A great addition to any decor.

Black Cabbage Art Prints



If you would like to license this image please contact me.  Also if you are interested in a large frame-less canvas art print,  I can do a 32×48 for $375 and free shipping. USA only.   Hit the Contact also on that too.

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Fine art photography prints and image licensing by James Bo Insogna.

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