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Milky Way Perseid Meteor Shower Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel on The Rock

Colorado’s famous Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel on The Rock with the milky way towering above and the Perseid meteor shower going on in the early morning magical night sky. […]

A Dark Stellar Universe

Star gazing into the night, looking up to a celestial dream so bright, in a dark stellar universe upon the forest trees, what a delight! […]

Rocky Mountain Milky Way And A Falling Star

A beautiful starry cosmic view of the Milky Way towering above the Colorado rocky mountains continental divide with a falling star in the sky. […]

Take A Walking Bridge To The Milky Way

Imagine taking a nighttime hike and crossing this cool hiking bridge high up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and walking into the forest with all the stars above under a new moon and the milky way towering above. […]