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Colorful Mountain Crazyville Art Print

Crazyville Art Print

Wall Art Print Colorful Mountain Crazyville

A scenic nature sunset landscape of the small mining town of Rollinsville Colorado, elevation 8,474 feet.  The train is coming down from the Moffit tunnel that goes right through the continental divide.

In the old days they used to go through the Needles Eye tunnel and over the divide.

This is what is called a “timed stack”, 310 images stacked together to get this colorful fine art photography effect.  It’s Like one long exposure.  One of my favorite art images to do.

Love the colors and movement.   Hope you enjoy.  This is a great colorful art piece for any decor.  Fantastic conversation piece too!

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Colorful Crazyville Acrylic Print

Fabulous commercial artwork too.   This will brighten up any healthcare office or waiting room.

Check out the time lapse of the same sunset and the train with Rollinsville and Rocky Mountain Continental Divide above.

If you would like to license this image please contact me.  Also if you are interested in a large frame-less canvas art print,  I can do a 32×48 for $375 and free shipping. USA only.   Hit the Contact also on that too.

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Fine art photography prints and image licensing by James Bo Insogna.

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