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Dancing Thunderstorm Cell On The Horizon Wall art

Star trails and blue sky above this thunderstorm cell lit up with lightning dancing on the horizon putting on a nice show. This is a three minute exposure done by stacking eight, thirty second exposure images in a row and stacking them to keep the noise level very low. […]

Stormin Rainbow

Country scenic landscape with cattle grazing on green pastures with a rainbow and wild rainy severe stormy tornado weather in the sky.  NE Boulder County Colorado.  June 4th 2015 NE Boulder County Colorado.& This is north Longmont, edge of town 95th north of highway 66. […]

Lightning Striking Thunderstorm Cell And Full Moon

Isolated thunderstorm cell with cloud to ground lightning striking and a full moon above. This is a view from Jackson Lake state park in Morgan County Colorado looking due east. […]

Lightning At Sunset With Star Trails Above

Fantastic lightning show all across the eastern horizon. This is a view from Jackson Lake in Morgan County Colorado looking east. These thunderstorm cells went around us giving a great side view and show as they went out in the NE direction. […]