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Massey – Feaguson 65 Tractor with American Flag BWSC

Massey – Feaguson 65 tractor, a very good looking bright red tractor with silver engine, with an American USA flag in the background. Black and white with selective coloring is always one of my favorites to do with the color red. […]

Into The Future

Into the future of the end of a storm chase. Hoping to get a shot of lightning bolts in the sky with this image and had no luck, then the storms died. Colorado I-25 with an emergency vehicle behind the tree as 18 wheelers would pass the whole truck would light up with colors making for great light trails, there is a tow truck on the left. […]

A Colorful Night

Hoping to get a shot of spectacular lightning bolts in the sky in this image with no luck, to my demise the storms died. Well here it is without, a long exposure, two roads and a white fence. […]

Jaguar Hood Ornament in Black and White

Jaguar Hood Ornament in a black and white fine art print, canvas art and stock image by James Insogna (C) 2011 Filed under: Classic Cars and Motorcycles Tagged: ‘art prints’, ‘auto photography’, ‘automotive photographer’, ‘automotive photography’, ‘black and white’, ‘car photo’, ‘car photographer’, ‘car photographers’, ‘car photos’, ‘hood ornament’, ‘hood ornaments’, 6895, auto, automobile, automobiles, […] […]