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Bull Elk Forest Gazing

A surreal ICM view into the Colorado rocky mountains high elevation forest with a beautiful bull elk during elk rut season. […]

Two Bull Elk – Colorado Rut Season in RMNP Video

Rut season in Rocky Mountain National Park, and we are chasing Elk. Found two Bulls… […]

Elk In The Colorado Rut – Hear the Call of the Wild – Video

September – October Autumn Elk Rut Season in Estes Park Colorado. Watch these incredible Bull Elk move around and give the mating bugle… the call of the wild. […]

Two Bull Elks Sparring Over Territory

Two Bull Elks sparring over territory locking antlers. Image Number 90. Photo Copyright: James Insogna all rights reserved. Filed under: Wildlife Fine Art Tagged: ‘bull elk’, ‘elk pictures for sale’, ‘Estes Park’, ‘National Park’, ‘rutting season’, 0… […]