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Thunderhead Storm Cell

Lightning bolt striking from a thunderhead storm cell. Hwy 52 and 287. Boulder County, Colorado. Photo James Bo Insogna Filed under: Lightning Thunderstorm Weather Photography […]

Haystack Mountain Boulder County Colorado Landscapes

Haystack Mountain climbs to 5,545 feet . This is a view and reflection from Coot lake. Haystack Mountain is a mountain summit in Boulder County, Colorado. Filed under: Landscapes Tagged: Bo Insogna, Boulder, Boulder County, canvas art, Canvas Print, color, coot lake, Custom Framed, Fine Art Print, framed art, galleries, gallery, Giclee Print, Greeting Card, […]<img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" […] […]

North Scottsdale Zip Code 85255 Lightning Storm

Massive lightning monsoon thunderstorm with giant lightning bolts that make the Arizona mountains in North Scottsdale look small. The Famous zip code 85255. Many giant lightning bolts from high clouds striking the ground with mountains and city […] […]

View of the Rocky Mountains Front Range from Lafayette

This is a view that I have passed by a million times and have never noticed it. But one day, I was pulling out of a Street on to RT 287 and this was lit up just right. The mountains looked like they were much higher than normal. Incredible sight to […] […]