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Early Morning Pella Sunrise Portrait

Early morning sunrise on a lake with a textured reflection of the morning colors and a tree. […]

Old Rusted 55 Gallon Drum

An old rusted 55 gallon drum or barrel in a cracked dry lake bed. Fine art photography prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints and stock images […]

Praying Monk a Lightning Thunderstorm Poster

After chasing the storm to the top of the Praying Monk and getting the Big bang Lightning halo… I readjusted and got this image. The Praying Monk is a rock formation on the side of the famous Camelback mountain that sits in between Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. From the first time I saw this I […] […]

Dry Lake Bed Abstract

McIntosh lake is low prepping for the winter season and ready for the spring fill. Here is an abstract image of the cracks and a piece of rusted metal. Recent Post: Old Cottonwood Tree in Black and White […]