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Happy Easter! – Heavens Gate

Happy Easter! This shot was taken in the high elevation near Vail, Colorado. It was a stormy night, and at the blink of an eye, Lightning bolts strike what looks like opening the gates to heaven… […]

Gates of Heaven Open At the Strike Of Lightning

It was a stormy night. At the blink of an eye, Lightning bolts strike opening the gates to heaven and then seconds later it’s gone. This was one 30 second exposure image and one lightning strike forming the gates. The rest is my Lightning fantasy. Fine art lightning nature Religious fantasy photography photograph print, Canvas Art and Stock image by Bo Insogna. […]

Horizontal Lightning Thunderstorm Weather Photography

This had to be one of the scariest lightning shoots I was every one. This is one burst of lighting. It would come out horizontally from nowhere. At one point when I was on the side of this mountain all the hair on my body started to get static. I could tell a charge was […] […]

Highway 52 Lightning Storm Photography Image

HWY 52 – HWY 287 Lightning Storm Image 29. A lightning thunderstorm cell with lightning striking and mean looking clouds. Lightning weather photography. Lightning fact: The chances of being hit by lightning are 1 in 700,000. ( but why take chances!). […]