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Happy Easter! – Heavens Gate

Happy Easter! This shot was taken in the high elevation near Vail, Colorado. It was a stormy night, and at the blink of an eye, Lightning bolts strike what looks like opening the gates to heaven… […]

Cloud to Cloud Horizontal Lightning Striking

Weather Lightning Photography of Cloud to Cloud horizontal lightning striking over the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and water of a lake with reflections of lights. Fine art nature landscape photography prints, canvas art, acrylic prints and stock images licensing. […]

Gates of Heaven Open At the Strike Of Lightning

It was a stormy night. At the blink of an eye, Lightning bolts strike opening the gates to heaven and then seconds later it’s gone. This was one 30 second exposure image and one lightning strike forming the gates. The rest is my Lightning fantasy. Fine art lightning nature Religious fantasy photography photograph print, Canvas Art and Stock image by Bo Insogna. […]

Lightning Strikes Average 2 to 3 Miles Long

Most lightning strikes average 2 to 3 miles long and carry a current of 10000 Amps at 100 million Volts. (C) 2011 James Insogna .com Fine Art Striking Nature Landscape Photography Prints, Canvas Art and Stock Images. Filed under: Lightning Thunderstorm Weather Photography Tagged: bolts, charge, chasers, cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, clouds, dangerous, […] […] […]