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Chapel on the Rock

Winter Season view of St Malo’s Chapel on the Rock, Built atop a massive granite rock, it’s in every way a part of the valley landscape. Saint Catherine’s Stone Chapel on the Rock sits in the shadow of Mount Meeker, the 13,916-foot peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. […]

Long Lightning Bolt Across American Oil Well Country Sky

Long run lightning bolt soaring across the sky with oil well pump jack and two communication towers. USA American flag patriotic background. Part of the America The Beautiful Fine Art Photography Series at www.BoInsogna.com Fine Art Photography Gallery. […]

Rocky Mountain Autumn Storm

This is the very first image shot and out of my camera from my Autumn 2013 trip that started with a scary early morning drive over the pass and through the tunnel on I-70 and then south to Leadville. The snow was beautiful with the colors but the driving in it was not so fun. Anything can happen this time of year in the Rockies. […]

9-11 We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001 we will never forget you and what happen. And Never forget how 9-11 brought The USA together as a nation. A 9-11 memorial image Lightning bolts striking in the sky with car light trails with the world Trade Center on 9-11 painted in and an USA American Flag background. […]