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Brainard Lake – Black and White Fine Art Print

Brainard Lake - Black and White fine art photography print

Black and White Fine Art Print Photography Print – Brainard Lake

Colorado Nature Landscape Photography at it’s best.  Brainard Lake,  Rocky Mountains Continental Divide, Indian Peaks. The name Indian Peaks was selected because many of the peaks within the wilderness are named for Native American tribes of the west.

This is one of my all time favorite places in the world let alone Colorado. The Indian Peaks area is located about 40 minutes  up the canyon west of  Boulder, just above the town of Ward. It has some of the best hiking, fishing, camping and cross country skiing  on the planet. This wilderness area covers nearly 75,000 acres, following the Brainard LakeContinental DivideRocky Mountain National Park south for nearly 16 miles, with the as its northern border. Within Indian Peaks lie Ogallala Peak (13,333 ft.), Paiute Peak (13,083 ft.), Pawnee Peak (12,939 k.), Shoshoni Peak (12,962 ft.), Apache Peak (13,438 ft.), Navajo Peak (13,405 *.), Arikaree Peak (13,146 ft.), Arapahoe Peak (13,392 ft)., and Niwot Ridge. There are four trail passes—Devil’s Thumb (11,747 ft.), Arapahoe (11,906 ft.), Pawnee (12,541 ft.), and Buchanan (11,837 ft.).

In the 80’s I used to go here to snow camp with my dog “Jeff” and cross country ski by moon light.   Now, I will cross country ski, but snow camp… no way.  I’m not that hard core any more. Those days are gone for me now. Hope you enjoy this BW Colorado nature photography print as much as I do.  It is one of my favorite’s in this series.  Black and white fine art photography is  one of my passions.  Always trying to get that Ansel Adams type print. This is a new print for 2009.  It was taken in late Sept.

Buy this Fine art black and white photography print. Custom framed in all sizes customized to your decor. http://www.BoInsogna.com James “Bo” Insogna is a professional Colorado  photographer based in the Longmont / Boulder Area.  His Direct Line is 303-834-2524 or toll free at 1-888-682-0122

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