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Boulder County Country Rainbow

Boulder County Country Rainbow

Rainbow in the country with beautiful big red barnBoulder County Colorado.  HDR Processing. (Prints available online –  Boulder County Country Rainbow)

A rainbow can be defined as a band of colors (from red on the inside to violet on the outside) assembled as an arc that is formed by reflection and refraction (or bending) of the sun’s rays inside raindrops. They appear when it is raining in one part of the sky and sunny in another.

You can never… actually reach the end of a rainbow, where a pot of gold supposedly sits. As you move around, the rainbow that your eyes see moves as well, because the raindrops are at different spots in the atmosphere. The rainbow, then, will always “move away” at the same rate that you are moving.

Facts about Rainbows

  • A Rainbow is light refracted through millions of droplets of water
  • The angle of light refraction to create a Rainbow is 42 degrees to the eye of the person watching
  •  Sir Isaac Newton discovered the seven distinct colors of the visible spectrum
  • Rainbows are Gods promise – Genesis 9
  • Rainbows in your environment create good Feng Shui


The Rainbow Bridge.
By Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Love and Hope and Youth, together
Travelling once in stormy weather,
Met a deep and gloomy tide,
Flowing swift and dark and wide.
‘Twas named the river of Despair,
And many a wreck was floating there!
The urchins paused, with faces grave,
Debating how to cross the wave,
When lo! the curtain of the storm
Was severed, and the rainbow’s form
Stood against the parting cloud
Emblem of peace on trouble’s shroud!
Hope pointed to the signal flying,
And the three, their shoulders plying,
O’er the stream the light arch threw
A rainbow bridge of loveliest hue!
Now, laughing as they tripped it o’er,
They gayly sought the other shore:
But soon the hills began to frown,
And the bright sun went darkly down.
Though their step was light and fleet,
The rainbow vanished ‘neath their feet,
And down they went, the giddy things!
But Hope put forth his ready wings,
And clinging Love and Youth he bore
In triumph to the other shore.
But ne’er I ween should mortals deem
On rainbow bridge to cross a stream,
Unless bright, buoyant Hope is nigh,
And, light with Love and Youth, they fly!

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